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F.A. Cup Prediction League Table 2010-11

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Re: F.A. Cup Prediction League Table 2010-11

Mon May 30, 2011 1:34 am

absolutely gutted at third place , had been 1st or 2nd I think all the way to the bloody final with some superb predictions , I demand Alex and HK be disqualified , HK for fielding cup tied players and Alex for failing to predict on two occasions which just amounts to showboating in my book - if Saigon had been running this show too I would surely have finished number one and completed a curry / cup double

On a serious note thanks JJ for organizationing the cup table - cup over league any day.

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Re: F.A. Cup Prediction League Table 2010-11

Tue May 31, 2011 12:19 pm

Manchester Saddler wrote:There's nothing to say, JJ, except this proves how dreadful Saigon is at predicting.

He's even happy about finishing 7th - SEVENTH!!!!! It just shows how low his standards are.

I am gutted that I was so dreadful myself - but I will be back next season.

Till next season when (hopefully) normal service will be resumed.


I'd tek 7th (Seventh) over 15th (FIFTEENTH :shock: ) anyday!

Good luck for next season though in any case!


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