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Derby (a) - League - 5th October 2002

Reports and reaction from the 2002-03 season as Walsall finished 17th in Division 1
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Derby (a) - League - 5th October 2002

Tue Dec 07, 2004 4:20 pm

By JDW on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 03:51 pm: Edit

Half-time - Derby 1 Walsall 0

Malcom Christie.

Same team that beat Notts Forest on Wednesday for Walsall.

In the League Cup we have Blackburn Rovers away.

By Anon on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 04:49 pm: Edit

Another red card! Hay 80

By Anon on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 04:58 pm: Edit


By JDW on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 04:59 pm: Edit

Full Time!

Derby 2 Walsall 2!

Aranalde scored a last minute penalty for Walsall as Corica had earlier pulled ago back following a Malcom Christie Brace for Derby County.

Zigor Zigor Zigor!!

By JDW on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 05:02 pm: Edit

Well done to the 2300 Saddlers fans who attended the game today.

Wish I was one of them.

By er on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 05:24 pm: Edit

Since when has Zigor been our penalty taker?

By belgian saddler on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 05:38 pm: Edit

who cares although i must admit i had to go and get a fresh pair of pants when i heard he had stepped forward, viva espania

By Freda greaves on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 05:47 pm: Edit

Just listened to Radio Derby. Derby commentator briefly, called it as follows.

Walsall deserved it.
Poom saved Derby.
Harry Naldy very good.
Corica should have had two.
Junior possibly ditto.
Pen deserved.
McLeod(however u spell it)should have gone for second bookable.
Lee should be booked 4 charging down free kick.
Oh,and he said WW getting a drubbing.

1500 DH fans sounded brilliant.
Very much so.

By Bristolsaddler on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 06:05 pm: Edit

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Being in deepest Somerset the only coverage I could get was on Talksport and ITV's goalrush [both regular updates]. The reporter on Talksport seemed fair to us, but Bob Hall seemed disinterested, said we lacked class and was generally patronising. Not only that, but he said Roper had scored our first [calling him a "journeyman footballer" in the process]. He never corrected the error. Miserable git.

When are we going to get the credit we deserve?

One other thing - it seems like we gave them too much respect to begin with and did not really play until the second half. Was this the case?

PROUD SADDLER. C'mon me babies!!!

By SheffieldSaddler on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 07:29 pm: Edit

Fantastic performance considering the absolute disgraceful decisions that went against us. The ref was a joke, its no wonder I have no voice left and was told off by a plod for swearing. It was a disgrace. The tackle on Roper, and no red or even yellow card for a goalkeeper who pulled Wrack down for the penalty, how can this be right if the laws of the game are followed?
Team spirit is an all time high in my opinion. Leitao and Corica brilliant, Walker as usual fantastic, especially save when Derby could have made it 3-0! Hay and Bazeley getting better by the game.
Oh what joy it is to be a Walsall fan sat near Doffer all game!

By Marko on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 08:08 pm: Edit

How did Simpson play today? Gather he was brought off.

By Phil_G on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 08:20 pm: Edit

When I heard Lee had pulled Simpson off towards the end of the game, I assumed it was in lieu of him not being paid...

By Dave Gittins on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 08:21 pm: Edit


Agree entirely. I feel that if anyone should have been sent off it was Derby's no.40 McLeod. He was forever using elbows and leaving his boot in after a challenge. In fact, from the angle I saw it from it appeared that he went diving into Hay when he knew he was going nowhere, thus getting the free kick and Hay sent off. Instead of a red for Hay, I felt McLeod should have had yellow for diving. I am willing to concede this point as I didn't have the best view but that was what it looked like. I think he was probably taken off before he got sent off.

In all honesty, after Walker saved superbly to prevent Derby taking a 3-0 lead Derby never really had a look in. Even when we were down to 10 men we still tried to lay siege to the Derby goal. If Poom hadn't pulled Wrack down it would have been a goal anyway - and as Sheffield says why was Poom not shown a card (yellow at minimum even though under the laws of the game it should have been red)

To echo er above, when did Zigor become penalty taker? If he can put them away regularly like that he can keep the job.

By SheffieldSaddler on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 08:38 pm: Edit

I also noticed the No 40 of Derby on a number of occasions trying to be clever with his actions towards our fans, how can players get away with this?
Perhaps this is why he was taken off.

By Bewd Saddler on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 08:46 pm: Edit

Great result in the end today, but did anyone see the pis*ed-up tw*t at the end of the game, towards the back of the stand, stamp on, elbow and punch a couple of other Walsall fans, and leave them on the floor?
When Zigor scored he dived on the people on the row in front of him (including 2 children), then laid into the blokes. Complete tosser, just wondered if anyboby else saw it?

By cat3 on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 08:48 pm: Edit

Good Result all round on an away game! We are on for a challenge this year... Let's keep this momentum going... Our back fours are doing great, more goals to come... Go Go Sads!!!

By Dave Gittins on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 09:14 pm: Edit

Bewd Saddler

Is that what happened? I was at the match with two of my kids when suddenly people behind me came flying over the back of the row. Fortunately I managed to stop them landing on the kids. I wasn't aware of anything else, my first concern was to make sure my kids were okay. To their credit, they were too busy celebrating to notice anything had happened.

By Inky on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 09:34 pm: Edit

I agree with Sheffield about there no. 40 and his actions towards our fans today. Perhaps it was because he was abused by Walsall fans all afternoon. It continues to amaze me why fans of all clubs abuse and verbally assault players from the opposition teams and then when that player "looks at them in a funny way" the same foul mouthed fans rear up demanding his blood and no doubt write to the club complaining about the players actions. Can I suggest that all fans who give out that sort of treatment to players be prepared to take it when the player gives it back instead of squealing like stuck pigs.

By SheffieldSaddler on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 09:53 pm: Edit

Inky - Come off it. Players should rise above such things. Afterall he should be setting an example. added to that he gets paid a massive amount of money compared to the average fan then I am afraid there is no excuse.

By Des Lynam on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 10:15 pm: Edit

Yeah bewd, saw that, what a knob. I just hope that something can be done to stop that idiot coming to the bescot cos I Cant beleive he started to punch a fellow saddler.

By Paul G on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 10:15 pm: Edit

McLeod has only played a couple of matches in his young career but already he looks like a nasty piece of work. From the moment he fluffed his big chance one on one with walker after just 10 minutes he seemed to take an over physical approach.

Shame really as he has pace and obvious talent. He battered Bazely then Roper (although Roper was penalised - but not sent off as last man BIZARRE). Then he went in late on Bazeley again causing Hay to confront him. If the ref had taken appropriate action earlier Hay would not have had to risk getting booked. Fortunatly he 'bought' a booking for Mcleod who then calmed down. McLeod got the last laugh with his theatrical tumble to get Hay sent off. A decent ref would have stopped this whole situation developing by producing cautions at an earlier stage. Twice after getting Hay sent Mcleod came over to the away support gesturing and waving his shirt - both times the ref did not even care to speak to him.

Sad really because it detracted from an excellent game in which once more the Saddlers excelled. Surely we are watching the best Saddlers side ever. To get anything from that match was a magnificent achievement. Never say die attitude laced with real pass and move quality. Good chances created and a great goal from Corica. And how Ziggy owed us that goal. Fair play to him he was excellent today.

Marko - Simpson came off in a tactical switch after the sending off. He was as usual fantastic. Now we have a prem side in the cup can we at last get his contract sorted out please.

Finally magnificent support. If you were not there and are thinking of Burnley next week then just do it. Supporting the Saddlers can never have been so satisfying. We will have pushed the Dingles into bottom place of all the west mids teams by this time next week.

By Junior Disprin on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 10:18 pm: Edit

Agree with Inky, some fans are big cry babies.

By Dave Gittins on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 11:13 pm: Edit

I have just seen the Hay sending off again on Sky Sports News - I still feel contact was minimal, McLeod saw him coming in for the challenge then turned inside him as Hay went for the ball. From that it was an easy matter to make it look as though Hay had brought him down. Disgusting piece of play.

By Geoff Whiting on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 12:58 am: Edit

The ref was so crap today, it's no wonder McLeod conned him so easily with the Hay sending off incident. McLeod had nowhere to go, just aimed himself at the gap between Hay and (was it) Ropes, I can't remember - and threw himself - absolute disgrace - I just hope we appeal against the card using the video evidence.

I saw only two really bad tackles in the game, Bazeley chopped down and Roper chopped down. As far as I recall the one on Bazeley was not carded, but the one on Ropes led to a yellow card. Both probably warranted a red card by today's standards.

Why was Poom not red-carded for the penalty - under the rules a red card is the only possible outcome - he was the last line of defence and he prevented a clear goal-scoring opportunity - fortunately he didn't save the penalty, if he had we'd be justified in demanding the ref's head on a plate.

I'm still waiting to see the goals on TV - nothing of our game was shown on Sky in the usual 8-9pm spot.

Anyway, overall this was a fantastic point earned, and well deserved - second half we were awesome in our work-rate at times, and the lads worked their socks off for us.

I felt proud to have been there to see it. Up the Saddlers!

By Fish on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 01:20 am: Edit

It was McLeod who fouled Bazeley and he was carded but so was Hay in the same incident, for remonstrating with McLeod.

This ref had a strange notion of the rules of the game, Poom wasn't even carded for the penalty.

I remeber McLeod conned the ref earlier in the second half when he launched himself at Bazeley, fell over and won a free kick just outside the box. Cheat.

Bewd /Gittsy /Des, I also saw the incident you referred to. Apparently the older guy that was attacked was disabled. See the new thread 'SCUM'

By Pelsall Saddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 10:13 am: Edit

Fantastic performance from the lads, especially considering some of the bizzare descisions given against them by an awful referee. He was conned into a second card for Hay by a dive from McLeod that would have graced an olympic pool, and why was Poom not red carded for bringing Wrack down? I thought the Derby players looked increasingly desparate towards the end, trying to keep out an ever growing threat from Saddler's attacks, and you just knew that we were going to get something out of the game.
Did anyone else notice the sneering, arrogant attitude of the steward with the number nine, and "Supervisor" on his jacket. He deliberately threw the ball past Jimmy Walker, then turned and laughed at the Walsall fans, he continued to do this for most of the remainder of the game. This sort of behaviour incites fans, and can only lead to trouble - tosser!
Tremendous following, there were lots of people I hadn't seen for some time, even met the world-famous Doffer yesterday.
It feels good to be a Saddler this morning.

By Inky on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 10:27 am: Edit

sorry Sheffield I cannot agree with you and I really don't see what money has to do with it. Players are human beings and have feelings like the rest of us. It amazes me when (on very rare occasions at Bescot) I hear someone racially abuse a player from the opposition, has it never occured to the abuser that racial abuse albeit directed to someone else has the same effect on our own players. Lloyd Owusu was a classic example. Darren Byfield received abuse, in essence, simply because he changed his job. Sadly people do not think about what they are doing and the consequences of their actions. Anyway I have no intention of falling out with anyone it is just something I fail to understand and I recognise your right to an opinion.

By 'dler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 11:27 am: Edit

Hava a good laugh and read the "report" of the game on the Derby Rivals site. Apparently, the ref was excellent, Hay a thug, McCleod blameless, and the penalty was a "DIVE, DIVE, DIVE". What a clown.

By Shifnalsaddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 11:47 am: Edit

The penalty is described in todays Absurder as "controversial". Surely the only controversial thing is that Poom wasn't dismissed.

Not sure how appeals work, but hopefully Hay can appeal and win over his second booking. I was amazed, I really thought McLeod was going to be sent off for his blatant dive.

Well done to Derby for their ticketing policy, I'm sure our big following was in part due to the kids for a quid thing, and the general price reductions.

Can I finish by pointing out for the benefit of the Wrack haters, that both of todays goals were assists from Wrack.

By dave_hawkes on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 12:21 pm: Edit

I have to say Shifnal that I'm really pleased to see Wrack playing well this season. At the end of the day, no team can afford to 'carry' anyone and it seems to me that when Wracky has a good game, Millwall and Derby being the latest two, we seem to come away with a good result. If Wrack regains that form of a few years ago, who knows what we can achieve?!

First week of October and we've already got 14 points to our name. We only had 9 (and were first from bottom) this time last season. If you work on the idea that you need 50 points to stay up, we're almost a third of the way there.


By dave osprey on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 01:10 pm: Edit

And we've had over a quarter of the games

By Walt Flanagans Dog on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 01:55 pm: Edit

Regarding the comment about Bob Hall reporting- I am Jack's total lack of surprise, the bloke obviously has a personal vendetta against us. If you don't believe me just keep watching Central News, & next time something significant happens at Bescot, like a new signing or an away win at Leicester or Norwich or somewhere, watch how the tosser grudgingly gives it a passing mention (without highlights, interview with CL etc.) 2 mins after cumming in his pants over extended highlights of Lee Hendrie driving out of the Vile's training ground.
I've been noticing this for years (cracking result yesterday).

By Geordiesaddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 02:05 pm: Edit

Some couldn't watch
Until sound defined the day
Cacophonous reds.

By Jay on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 02:44 pm: Edit

Knock it off, you tubby bitch

By Stu on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 03:42 pm: Edit

Amazing comeback, that we thoroughly deserved. Need to be a bit more ruthless up front, espeically Corica and his 1 on 1's.

Great following, where did they all come from??? If we can get a decent result at Burnley next week, we could really be looking for a big attendancee at home to Palace with the "friend for a fiver" and "kid for a quid" scheme in place...

Great day!

By rugeleysaddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 05:46 pm: Edit

Great day out yesterday. Now we need to start consistently getting points at hom too!

The traffic jam of happy saddlers fans on the A38 reminded me of drive home from cardiff.

We drove past the team bus and got a thumbs up from Corica.

Thought Hay had a good game and did not deserve to be sent off.

Now I know why Zigor often struggles to control the football his Big Balls get in the way. Well done Zigor!

By ANother Saddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 06:56 pm: Edit

And your point is Dave Osprey...???!!!

By Geordiesaddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 08:02 pm: Edit

FAO Doffer, Sheff Saddler. Stu, etc. Sat with some Burnley fans on the train going home on Saturday. Apparently the name of the pub in Burnley which I couldn't remember is the Talbot Hotel. However, they reccommend the one opposite which is called the Sparrow Hawk. Both bars on crossroads / traffic lights as you walk from the town to the ground. I'm gonna try the Sparrow Hawk on their recommendation, after I've been for a quick pint in that craphouse by the station, (hopefully) see you there.

By Marko on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 08:29 pm: Edit

On the subject of Bob hall, I sit just infront of the reporters at Bescot and before the last home game I turned round to see him fast asleep! Say no more!

By Saddler8 on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 08:47 pm: Edit

Bob Hall IS a Derby Fan. He fell out with us in the mid 80s after a 0-0 draw at FP. He and The TV crew he was with ran up a big bill in the Club and were forced to settle. They were expecting full hospitality. Hes had a chip about us ever since. Gary Newbon aint too keen either. If Bob Warman wasn't a Saddler I doubt wed get a mention at all.

By Geordiesaddler on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 11:08 pm: Edit

I remember that 0-0 draw, it was the same day I bought my first ever guitar for a tenner. A couple of years later my band played a Tuesday night "local band night" at Wolves Poly. The other two groups on were ridiculously named, "Dumpy's Rusty Nuts" , and wait for it... "Neds Atomic Dustbin". How we laughed at those tossers. Later, the rest of my life mirrored that evening.

By Geoff Whiting on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 12:38 am: Edit


I went to a Status Quo gig at the NEC some years back, God knows how many, probably early 90's I'd guess. The support group was Dumpy's Rusty Nuts, and they were HEAVY - the bass was unbelievable - blew your head off and crushed your chest in at the same time. Not exactly melodic, I think my missus started having Migraines that night and has suffered from 'em ever since.

Anyway, I've never heard of 'em before or since until your post tonight. But I just thought, as you mentioned them, and in case you ever wondered how they got on, they couldn't have done too badly to get on at the NEC as support to the Quo.

Do you still play now ?

By Jeremy Busby on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 01:06 am: Edit

Looks like a great result in the Derby game and the lads obviously played well.

Speaking from New Zealand, we are obviously disturbed about Danny Hay's red card and from the sounds of some postings that he was a bit hard done by.

Our national team (Danny has been named in the squad) play Poland on Oct 12 and 16 so he could be away for a couple of Walsall games. According to reports here, the team assemble in Warsaw on Tuesday. Colin Lee was quoted in NZ media that he had requested of Ken Dougdale (NZ team manager) that he only play one of these games due to "exhaustion". Has this been mentioned in English media? This was about 3 weeks ago and nothing more has been said here. What will he get for this red card? I assume that any suspension only applies to League football. Maybe he can serve his suspension while away with NZ.

Will look forward to hearing from those of you "at the scene".

ps. Love this site and the postings. especially Jeff. Would love to meet Doffer

By Jeremy Busby on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 01:08 am: Edit

Sorry Geoff, spelt your name wrong

By Geoff Whiting on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 01:37 am: Edit

Forgiven Jeremy, I answer to Geoff and Jeff, and even Jeoff. Sometimes people call me Jeff or Jeoff when we're face to face or on the phone, I don't mind, I just get on with it you know.

Sorry mate, forgive me, I'm not taking the p**s, it's just my weird sense of humour you know, and funnily enough this same situation has happened on another site, "the saddlersfc.tk" only today (well now it's yesterday, as it's now after midnight here). Have a look on there, you'll see it, what a great coincidence for this to happen twice in a matter of a few hours. Spooky !

Nice of you to say you enjoy my posts, some of the guys here take the p**s because my posts tend to be longer than the average (Yes I know guys, MUCH longer than the average!), but that's OK, I think on the whole we all enjoy the site, and we take the p**s out of one another which only adds to the fun and relaxation of it all.

I must say it's strange to think these things are read (and even appreciated) from the other side of the world - amazing really !

All the best, and let's keep hearing from you mate. Cheers for now.

By Geoff Whiting on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 01:56 am: Edit

Jeremy, one more thing, Danny Hay's sending off. It was well out of order. The Derby forward McLeod was a dirty b*****d all game and should have been yellow and red carded for his antics. Anyway,he got away with it all thanks to the referee being so crap, and took the opportunity, when it came, to con the Ref, by running straight into Danny Hay as he (McLeod) went on a run towards our penalty area. Danny hardly moved, he couldn't have known which way Mcleod was going to go, he just stood his ground, as he's entitled to do. Mcleod ran straight into Danny and went down like he was pole-axed. Mcleod simply played to get Danny the card and to get him sent off.

If we need proof, the Derby official web-site today provides it, saying in it's report on the game, AND I QUOTE word for word :

"Hay's sending off completed another good afternoon for Izale Mcleod but despite the introduction of Giorgi Kinkladze the Saddlers kept stealing possession and eventually they stole a point".

Well there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. They praise Mcleod for getting Danny sent off, there's real Division One sportsmanship for you!

Let's hope that this ranks as an admission and evidence in support of the appeal that we hope Walsall will enter against this ridiculous red card.

I hope this information is what you wanted.

By Jeremy Busby on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 02:21 am: Edit

Thanks for that Geoff. Has CL mentioned locally Danny's interntional committments? Anyway, its 2.20 pm here. I am in my office, should you not be in bed seeing how it will be 2.20 am?

By Exile on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 03:57 am: Edit

Jeremy, being closely related to Blake's Seven's "Orac", Geoff / Jeff / Jeoff has a habit of repeating everything whilst trying to make his point ad nauseam, but as a fellow long-poster (albeit part-time), I cannot rib him too much about it!

Apparently he is sick of being called to account over this....


Haven't seen anything about Hay in our media - is this some Southern paper you are reading?

By Jeremy Busby on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 04:21 am: Edit


Yes, the Christchurch Press. I assume by the Southern jibe you are Auckland based??

Martin Devlin (that will get these West Midlanders wondering, wont it mate) read it on his show on radio sport reviewing the sports pages of newspapers about 3 weeks ago as well

By Exile on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 05:09 am: Edit

Martin Devlin the famous Warriors fan......

Another story coming up, which the Saddlers fans will relate to from their own radio support.

Martin Devlin is a radio sport announcer / commentator / show host. The Warriors are the NZ based league team in the Aussie league. Devlin has spent the last three years slating their lack of consistency, until this season, when they managed to lift the minor premiership (i.e. finish top of table before the play-off for the Grand Final), when he has gradually warmed to them as they've started winning.

Anyway, after clinching the minor premiership, there was a celebratory party, at which large quantities of alcohol were consumed, and those most closely associated with the Warriors made congratulatory speeches. One of these was a colourful Auckland chap known as "The Mad Butcher", who has been a supporter since godknows when.

"The Butch" stands up and spends 15 minutes thanking everyone who has stood by the Warriors through thick and thin, "especially Martin Devlin for his support over the last few weeks". A great sideswipe, which will lose much in the telling, but very, very funny at the time.

Sorry, long day gone by.

Cheers all

PS - yes, Jeremy, Auckland. Once we'd landed here we hadn't the enthusiasm to go any further. Plus, all the good jobs are up here!!

By Geordiesaddler on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 09:18 am: Edit

Geoff - no I don't, in fact most would say I never did.

By popperpancake on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 09:25 am: Edit

Great performance. Thoroughly deserved at least the point we got. Corica should have had 2 more at least..i'm still not convinced about his finishing. The switch back to corica playing behind the front two seemed to work..O'Connor superb in the second half. Couldn't believe it when zigor stepped up to take the penalty....reminded me of ricketts at tranmere couple of years ago (is it sensible to get the player the fans dislike the most to take vital penalties?...it must be, cos they both scored)..even the same player who got fouled in a similar manner. Hay i think looks like he could be an outstanding player....no need to add anything to the debate over his red card - it's all been said already. What was his first booking for? Did anyone else see John Gregory immediately storm off down the tunnel when the penalty was given..didn't even wait to see it taken. Also glad to see DCFC are as useless at getting people into the ground as WFC (a la salop) .... i was late in again...must start leaving home earlier i spose. Walker should have saved the second but did make a great save a couple of minutes later so i'll let him off.

By Stu on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 09:55 am: Edit

Jeremy - Hay is only playing in the match against Poland for you lot. He has been "rested" from the other match. Considering he has been injured for the past 2/3 seasons, to go back to playing regular footy will take some getting used to.
Although, the NZ footy association seem quite good as they're letting him play for us on the Saturday before he flies out to Warsaw on the Sunday. Nice to see a club and country co-operating for once.
His sending off only applies to domestic fixtures as well..

By Tim Wilkes on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 11:21 am: Edit

Popper...Hay's 1st booking was for shoving / grabbing Mcleod after he had left his foot in on Bazely.

Fantastic fight back by The Saddlers - how things have changed around. Can't really find fault with anyone [perhaps Walker should have saved the 2nd goal, but he did stop Christie getting his hat trick moments later].
Was everybody as shocked, frightened etc as me when Zigor placed the ball on the penalty spot??!!

We only need ten men, etc etc.

By Paul G on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 11:51 am: Edit

If someone could have shouted to John Gregory that Zigor was taking the pen he would have turned round and come back out of the tunnel. Good pen though - keeper went the right way but still could not stop it.

I did not see Hay actually handle Mcleod. It may have been a straight red if he had. He squared up to him and no doubt gave a few choice words. Although it earned him a booking if he had not highlighted the situation like this the ref would have overlooked it and McLeod would carry on until someone was stretchered off. You can argue that Hay was stupid for getting involved but when a ref fails to take control of a game players sometimes have to act themselves.

By RushallSaddler on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 11:55 am: Edit

Apparently Zigor had been practising penalties all week and was quite successful and he was the first one to pick up the ball on Saturday, so I read in one of the sunday papers.

By Geoff Whiting on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 02:37 pm: Edit

I hardly dared to look as he took the pen. but he hit it well - hard and kept it low - so fair play to him, it took a lot of bottle

By Addie on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 06:32 pm: Edit

I actually said at half time we'd get a last minute penalty to equalise.

Next weeks lottery numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6

By belgian saddler on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 06:42 pm: Edit

you`re getting the lottery numbers mixed up with how many pies you had at half time

By Shifnalsaddler on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 07:04 pm: Edit

Neds Atomic Dustbin took their name from a Goon Show episode.
Addie, are those numbers for saturday or wednesday, or should I do both just to be sure?

By Geoff Whiting on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 08:18 pm: Edit

Don't anybody use those numbers - I want the jackpot for myself !

By Geoff Whiting on Monday, October 07, 2002 - 08:35 pm: Edit

Re: the Danny Hay sending off, a number of us have said on here that their No. 40 McLeod should have been sent-off. Well, he'd been doing enough shoving, pulling and kicking all game so I can't disagree, and he obviously knew what he was doing when he ran straight into Danny 10 mins. from time to get him his second yellow. As far as I recall there were only 2 really bad fouls in the game, McLeod on Bazeley and their sub on Roper.

Anyway, I went on the official Derby web-site today to see what they were saying, and I quote from their match report

"Hay's sending off completed another good afternoon for Izale McLeod but despite the introduction of Giorgi Kinkladze the Saddlers kept stealing possession and eventually they stole a point".

So there we have it, they think McLeod did well to get Hay sent off; extremely sporting if I may say so.

Now we know for sure that they set out to get other players sent off.

I think it stinks, does this bring the game into disrepute or what ?

By John Gregory on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 06:49 am: Edit


By Temporary Melbourne Saddler on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 08:29 am: Edit

I've seen research into other lottery's that says that 1,2,3,4,5,6 is one of the most popular picks. People assume that they're the only one who thought of it, but they're generally not alone.

By Ballsy on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 08:34 am: Edit

ITs the most popular combination with over 10,000 people picking it weekly.

By Doktor on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 10:28 am: Edit

1,2,3,4,5 and 72 are my numbers - I did a bit of research and no-one else in the country has this combination.

Quids in for me!

By rico on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 01:20 pm: Edit

That's because the highest number is 49!!!

By Carol Vorderman on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 01:40 pm: Edit

It's probability you need to look at not odds.
If number 1 gets drawn, then the odds of the next number being number 2 is 1 in 48, but the probability of it being drawn reduces, and so on.
If say numbers 1,2,3 and 4 do get drawn out, then the odds of the next number being number 5 are 1 in 45, the same as any other ball, but the probability has reduced massively.
You should avoid too many sequential or obvious combinations.
The probability of Doktor winning on his own is high, but the probability of him actually winning is quite low.
And before you ask, yes I do know the most probable winning combinations, No I haven't won yet and No, of course I'm not telling you my numbers

By Temporary Melbourne Saddler on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 02:27 pm: Edit

The probability of any group of 6 balls being drawn is exactly the same as any other group. This is a basic tenet of probability theory, which I would explain ad nauseam, but I can't be bothered.

The probability of Doktor winning at all is zero, therefore the probability of his winning on his own is also zero. The probability of his having that combination in the draw is also zero, given it isn't a valid ticket.

The probability of this mail already being too long is 1.

By Chris Owen on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 02:31 pm: Edit

Carol - think you're wrong on this. The probability of any one ball being drawn is always 1 in (49-n) where n is the number of balls already drawn. And each and every combination of six balls has exactly the same probability of emerging. The only reason you should avoid obvious combinations is because if you do hit the jackpot, you'll be sharing it with a lot of other people. The best way to maximise your winnings is to use the random number option offered on the lottery ticket, and then you minimise your chances of having to share a big win. However, on average, you're always going to lose on the lottery, because what is given out always has to be a lot smaller than what is put in.

Nothing to do with football, and this will have me marked down as irredeemably dull, but there you go.


By graham Taylor on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 02:49 pm: Edit

Hi Carol,Graham here.

Nice to see your comments about the national lottery, (some people tend to forget that there are things in life more important than football).

However,whilst I respect your knowlege and the respect you recieve for knowledge of numbers and things,I feel its important that I correct you on the likelihood and probability of winning the lottery situation.

The probability of winning the lottery,is in fact 50/50. In as much as, you either select the correct six numbers, or you don't. Do you see?

Best Wishes
Grahham Taylor.

Sorry that should have read Graham.

PS Good Luck with Catchphrase.

By Graham Taylor on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 02:53 pm: Edit

Sorry that should have read Graham.

PS Good luck with Catchphrase.

Doug.... Doug.....which button do I press now? Have I posted this twice again?

By Doktor on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 04:31 pm: Edit

Ha! Not a valid ticket! Ha! Well Temporary Melbourne Saddler, tell me this. If it is not a valid ticket then how come the guy down the shop has sold it to me for the last 4 years? Eh!

By geoff on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 04:41 pm: Edit

Doktor, you need to see a Doctor

By Doktor on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 04:43 pm: Edit

Won a tenner once, but the shopkeeper said it would be best to re-invest. So I put the line on 10 times - much better chance of winning.

By Oxford English Dictionary on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 08:03 pm: Edit

Lottery (lo-tuh-ree)[n]: A tax on the mathematically inept.

By The Newman College Saddler on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 09:49 pm: Edit

Sorry guys, I am just gonna return to the Saddlers for a bit if thats ok? I'll add something to the great Lottery debate at the end of my post tho.

Well I have to thank a certain Darren Bennet for giving me a terrific Saturday afternoon. If he hadn't sent an email encouraging people to get to Derby, I would have probably just thought, nah, can't afford it, i'll have it on the radio. Instead, i thought, yeah, sod it, lets go...and thank god i did. I took with me my Villa fan mate, cos everyone else was having their hair done or something when i asked them, and even he said how much he enjoyed the second half as a neutral.

I was delighted to see the 2,000 plus fans there, made me so proud to be wearing my shirt. Shame about the wallies who were thinking about invading the pitch...i think they need to stay at home and do their schoolwork, if you catch my drift. First half i felt that they showed their class for the first 30 minutes whilst we defended pretty poorly. Last 15 mins of the half i felt we battled back well.

Second half it looked like Colin had shoved his boot up a few backsides cos we looked a different team. Very disappointed when their second went in, but the boys never gave up. Corica fully deserved his goal, and in reference to an earlier post, at 2-1 i said we'll score a last minute penalty.

Referee was crap, diabolical decisions, how about the corner that became a goal kick? Hay was robbed, but it was Derby who looked like they had a man down not us. Went bonkers when we won the penalty, had to ask several people around me if that really was Aranalde stepping up, and then jumped around like we'd won the League when it nestled in that bottom right corner. Beautiful! My mate thought the stadium was gonna collapse! Plus the guys bashing the wall at the back i thought were gonna be taking there own peices of Pride Park wall home with them as souvenirs! Good effort tho guys!

Journey home was great except for 2 Derby fans who didnt like my shirt and told me to Eff Off home which i did. Team bus drove past me and Martin gave me a thumbs up and a smile, he's just the man!

Great day, great support. Walsall till I die, Red until i'm Dead.

I thankyou.

Oh, 5,6,18,22,24,48 - just a hunch

By Billy Cocksnottery on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 11:09 pm: Edit

Buy two lottery tickets instead of one. Doubles your chances of losing a pound.

By Considerably richer than yo on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 11:55 pm: Edit

I won 8 million 2 years ago and its done wonders for my bank ballance. I picked 123456 and it does work.

By Confused Saddler on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 11:59 pm: Edit

but what about your other 5 numbers?

By Exile on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 - 05:41 am: Edit

Didn't help your spelling, you thick sh!te. Shame on you for trying to impersonate a successful person! Your life obviously has no ballance (sic)....


By Ritchie Rich on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 - 06:34 am: Edit

I won the jackpot on the Irish Lottery.
I won £1 a week for 5 million years.

I'll get my coat!

By Ritchie Rich on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 - 06:35 am: Edit

I won the jackpot on the Irish Lottery.
I won £1 a week for 5 million weeks.

I'll get my coat!

By Ritchie Rich on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 - 06:37 am: Edit

Oh Bollocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that enough exclamation marks?

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