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England vs Montenegro.

Walsall supporters react to England's despairs - as they happened. No text speak, please.
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Re: England vs Montenegro.

Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:38 am

Neil Ravenscroft wrote:
DanWalsallFC wrote:Rooney is cack.
As is SWP.
As is Barry.
As is that bar stool Glen Johnson who offers more in attack than defence.
Capello hasnt got the passion and he's just sitting on his contract until after the tournement.

But, I realised years ago that we can beat most mediocre sides comfortably, but when it comes to playing real class we're outplayed everywhere.. So in a way hopefully this result will make more of the dreamers wake up. I hate the fact that when we qualify we expect to win it.. :|
Montenegro arent a bad side and have had a good start and when they come and play for a 0-0 it makes it very difficult, that said.. I expected a comfortable 3-0 win.

And, therein lies part of the problem. They have now played 4, won 3, drawn 1, scored 3 and conceded 0. Why on earth did you think we woud win 3 - 0, when all they were going to do was "park the bus"?

They just about beat Wales 1-0, just about beat Bulgaria 1-0, beat Switzerland 1-0 (i'll admit that's a good win). You telling me you expected a 0-0 draw to these Neil? With the players we've got we should still be beating these. If we'd have got one then Montenegro would have had to attack more and we'd of got another 1 or 2.

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