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John Terry

Walsall supporters react to England's despairs - as they happened. No text speak, please.
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Re: John Terry

Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:48 pm

SaddlerSteve wrote:
SheffieldSaddler wrote:
Fray Bentos is God! wrote:
SheffieldSaddler wrote:
latviancheese wrote:What a load of tat.

You honestly expect someone thick enough to worship Gary Neville to know anything about football? :wink:

Still waiting, big boy xxx

Well you dont expect me to take anyone serious enough who cries to his mates in the police and daddies friends!

Get a room! :roll:

I'm sure he'd try.

Anyway... I don't think Terry losing the captaincy has had anything to do with the team's results. It's probably more to do with what he did to lose it.

International captaincy hasn't been meaningful past a media thing for years.

I'll look forward to Don Fabio's England squads should we have a full set of centrebacks in August/autumn internationals.

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