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Reserves v. Wrexham - 21/8/13

Reports and reaction from the 2013-2014 season as Walsall finished 13th in League 1
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Reserves v. Wrexham - 21/8/13

Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:54 pm

Saddlers 1-2 Sheep-Shaggers

Liam Roberts

Ben Purkiss
Matt Preston (45 min, Aris Christoperhou)
Dean Holden
Andy Taylor (45 min, Rico Henry)

James McQuilkin
Nicky Featherstone (60 min, Danny Griffiths)

Ben George
Reece Flanagan
Kieron Morris

Troy Hewitt

Unused Subs:-
Richard Jones (gk)

Manager:- Richard O'Kelly

Goal Log
25th min. - 0-1 - Roberts only parried out a right-wing cross-shot and Theo Bailey-Jones opened the score with Wrexham's only shot of the first half.
53rd min - 0-2 - a mistake by Holden lets in another right-wing cross which beats Roberts, leaving Iwan Cartwright to tap into an empty net.
73rd min - 1-2 - at last! Hewitt gets his reward with a fine goal.

Good to see Preston and Taylor get some game time. Hewitt worked very hard in his lone advanced striker role. However, the Reserves have the same "DNA" as the 1st Team - plenty of pretty tip-tap but a reluctance to test the opposing goalkeeper with shots!
Hewitt missed a penalty in the 48th minute, hitting the cross-bar with his shot.
Roberts made his only save in the 56th minute.

WFC view:-
http://www.saddlers.co.uk/news/article/ ... 05035.aspx

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Re: Reserves v. Wrexham - 21/8/13

Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:28 pm

Fair play Mr.Pedagogue, that's what you call dedicated. :D

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