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It's Mullen!

Reaction to the biggest events in Walsall FC's recent history. This section also houses the tributes paid to Jolysaddler.
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Re: It's Mullen!

Tue May 27, 2008 2:59 pm

leics_saddler wrote:The message board fell over yesterday, which is probably just as well, as I've had chance to reflect on the appointment now.

I'm aware that Jimmy Mullen did a good job for a time as No.2 last season. He is also well regarded by some Burnley fans (apart from the ones that kidnapped his wife and threatened to kill her). Bonser has a good record for appointing managers (apart from the shambling alcoholic, lank-haired Dingle transient and the Danish slob). Any reaction has to be measured otherwise it's just being hysterical. Personally, I thought that Graydon was a reasonable but slightly worrying appointment, Money was a good appointment and Nicholl likewise.

Given that opening paragraph, I'm about ready to write down a toned down version of what I was going to put yesterday:

Well done Jeff! After five weeks careful deliberation, going through the motions and saving on wages, you've appointed a 55yo part-time car salesman, who looks like Father Ted as first-team manager (I'd thought of it immediately, apologies to YGA Saddler). One can only imagine who the other four candidates were, perhaps they wanted to get started blowing the budget whilst the widest choice of players was available, who knows.

I must say Jeff, you've got exactly what you wanted and I'm sure that Father Dead will enjoy working with the four (?) remaining contracted senior professionals, assorted boys and nobodies STM will sign for you. Not only have you saved on an assistant's wages, you've also got a snivelling yes-man with an appalling managerial record right where you want - on last season's salary, no doubt. I'm sure you'll point to the fact that he won the fourth division twenty years ago and his vast experience, eventhough it's been flailing around at the likes of Colwyn Bay and Hednesford. You say that everyone's been impressed with his professionalism, I don't doubt that for a second. I'm very supportive of Jimmy Mullen and the players, who are honest, decent men doing their best.

However, my utter contempt is reserved in its entirity for you, Jeff. I'm sure you're hiding away in your undersea lair in the Eastern Med like a very poor James Bond villain, with your henchman STM in attendance. I bet you're both celebrating this appointment now with a glass or two, only pausing to rub oil in each other's naked blubber and stroke each other's mullets, in complete ignorance that football and hair have moved on since 1977. At regular intervals, you phone up the Excuse & Dingle hotline, as though it's the source of all media authority, to explain yourself and the ego that has overtaken you to anyone who's prepared to print what is said unmolested. You still have the bare-faced cheek to regurgitate ITV Digital, a term that is a mystery to most concessions nowadays. It would be like Gordon Brown trying to blame the Hundred Years War for our current economy. You are a parasitic larva, Jeff, literally feasting on the turf under our players' feet and undermining your successive yes-man appointments at every turn until they escape from the string you have them hanging from or you spit them out and move on to your next carcass.

Last season, we were a proud club. We had the most exciting line-up of young local talent since 1983. They refused to be bowed by their supposed superiors such as Leeds and Nottingham Forest. I was even ready to coerce other people to go the Banks's and see the brilliance that was dawning. How we've gone from that position to this state in five months is almost beyond belief. It's as though we've just accelerated straight through to 1989 and we've appointed the Dingle transient again.

I for one will never offer you another penny. Like many others have said, I'll support this manager and team but it will be at away grounds from now on. You have reduced Walsall FC to the laughing stock of the division before the last season has even finished. It's a title that should have been carried off at a canter by the hapless Leicester City, but they'll be looking for a different trophy now. Meanwhile, we are left with a line-up that wouldn't even scare Cheltenham during an injury crisis. You are now a chairman of a joke club in a joke town who's just appointed a joke manager. I am no longer laughing.

From a position where you saved the club and could indeed have been offered the freedom of the town for doing so, you have carried on during the last 20 years as a greater characature of your previous successive incarnations before. Now I wouldn't even offer you the freedom of my coal bunker incase you tried to steal some of my coal. Bonser, I will curse you every day for the rest of your life for what you have done to this club and the reputation of this town. Load up the rest of your 'loan' in the amphibious Lotus Eclat and go now - don't even look round at your handiwork.

A tremendous post LS, and sums up precisely why I am very relieved that I did not renew my season ticket, and why I shall NOT be at The Banks's other than for the very occasional game next season. In fact, other than the odd "extra-attractive" fixture (e.g. Leicester/Leeds) I shall not be there again at all unless (a) JB goes, (b) JB amazes everyone by arranging for the Pension Trustees to forego the rent for at least 3 of the next 5 years AND invests the money in the team or (c) JB allows the manager to invest at least £750k in the team - given that we have so few players left, and Gerrard probably about to move over to Molineux, THAT is about the minimum amount I believe we now need to spend to restore the squad to something like the quality that we had before last Xmas.

Thanks for all your hard work in putting that post together LS - I just hope it gets back to the stinking leech (aka Bonser) and actually sinks into his thick skull so he'll maybe understand that we fans are not here to be trodden on constantly.

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Re: It's Mullen!

Tue May 27, 2008 5:37 pm

I agree with Geoffrey but 750k?

Have a day off.

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