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2006-2007 season Odes

Reaction to the biggest events in Walsall FC's recent history. This section also houses the tributes paid to Jolysaddler.
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2006-2007 season Odes

Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:36 pm

Ode to Richard Money

"Your Song"
(Music: Elton John Lyrics: King Crimson)

A song for Richard Money, manages my side
Just to let him know how much I’m bursting with pride
I’ve never met you Richard, but if I could
I'd buy you a pint or two, I really would

If I was a sculptor, a statue I’d make
Or a baker, with some pastry for a celebration cake
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now we’re in League One
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that we ask you to stay
And take us to the Championship, its where we want to play

Repeat chorus until told to extinguish candle by stewards.

Ode to Clayton Ince


(Music: Eric Clapton/Jim Gordon Lyrics: King Crimson)

What do you do when you’re a goalie
And Sky Blues dump all over you?
There’s a club, just down the motorway.
They’ll make you happier than the Crewe.

Clayton, a giant between the sticks.
Clayton, proof that all called Ince aren’t pricks.
Clayton, come and take us out of League Two.

We’ll try to give you consolation
When your defenders let you down.
If Gerrard fluffs or Roper’s out of puff,
On a cold wet night at Mansfield Town.


So make the best of the situation
And send us back up to League One.
We’ll watch you play – at home and away
And all our worries will be gone.

Ode to Hector Sam

(Music: Artful Dodger Lyrics: King Crimson)

Team selecta

Hyper, hyper, hyper that's what he’ll make ya
Time to mash the defender
Hector Sam and Butler
Team selecta [x4]

Making moves yeah keep the ball on the floor
Got to get the ball to the man you know he will score
From the back to the front that’s the way it should go
You know, you know Hector Sam makes it so

When the crowd go wild
Tell me watcha gonna do

S – A - M when the crowd say “Goal” it’s Hector
S – A - M when the crowd say “Goal” it’s Hector
S – A - M when the crowd say “Goal” it’s Hector
S – A – M

This goes out to all the saddlers.

Repeat chorus whilst making breaks on your lino.

Ode to Carlos Fangueiro

Fangueiro's Magic
(Music: Benni and Bjorn Lyrics: King Crimson)

I know a player who’s special, who’s certain to score
Five foot nine, twenty nine, Portuguese father of four
And he has a talent, a wonderful thing
Cause everyone cheers as he runs down the wing
I’m so grateful and proud
All I want is to sing it out loud

So I say
Fangueiro’s magic, the goals he’s scoring
I thought we’d lost, but now we’re drawing
Can we play without him, I ask in all honesty
Where should Wright be?
Sat in the stand, on the bench, making tea?
So I say Fangueiro’s magic
Earned a point, now make it three

Ode to the Bank’s Stadium (on the name change)

(Music: Dido Lyrics: King Crimson)

My pie's gone cold, I'm wondering why I went to the game at all
defence is weak, midfield is poor as well, we cannot pass the ball
And even if we could I would guarantee that we will not score a goal
And then I look around
it's not so bad, not so bad

I’m in the Banks’s, some of the best days of my life
And oh, as a saddler, this is just the best place in my life

Ode to Par Cederqvest

Cederquist is For Me
(Music: Brotherhood of Man Lyrics: King Crimson)

Now the season’s moving on
And the league should soon be won
But we’re not scoring for fun
We know that’s true
We need you (We need you) yes we do
Keep the ball on the floor
Pass it to you and you’ll score

Ce-der-quist is for me
Par Cederquist is for me
Bye bye Hector bye bye
Don't cry Tony don't cry
Gonna score three then four
But he'll soon be back for more

We all go to work each day
But we live for Saturday
When we come to watch you play
With flair and style
We need you (we need you) for a while
You're the Swede we adore
Since Sven’s England were so poor

Repeat chorus until Eurovision Song Contest is won

Ode to Promotion!

League Two Promotion
Lyrics: King Crimson Singer: Kylie (of course!)

Everybody's visitin' some different clubs now
(Super Saddlers got League Two promotion)
I know we'll have some good times
And we’ll drink in some pubs now
(Super Saddlers got League Two promotion)
Our manager thinks we can compete with ease
And that we will not end up like the Brentford Bees
So come on, come on,
Now another season, Dickie

We’ve gotta score more goals now
Come on striker, midfield, full back
From Roper through to Darren Wrack

Now that we can do it
Let's make it a double now
(Super Saddlers got League Two promotion)
We won’t allow the other teams to burst our bubble now
(Super Saddlers got League Two promotion)
Do it nice and easy now don't lose control
A little bit of flair and then a shot on goal
So come on, come on,
Do League Two promotion with me

Ode to Martin Butler

"Back for Good"
(Music: G Barlow Lyrics: King Crimson)

I guess now its time
For us to sing up
I feel its time
Got a picture of you in a programme
Got a picture of you playing in the cup - oh yeah

But with a fist of celebration
You helped rivals shatter our dreams
Gotta leave them, better leave them all behind now

Whatever we said, whatever did we didn't mean it
We just want you back for good
(Want you back, Martin's back, Butler's back for good)
Whatever we sung, we now know was wrong we didn't mean it
You were just misunderstood
(Want you back, Martin's back, Butler's back for good)

And we'll be together
This time is forever
We'll be singing - and with your help we will be
On our way, to League One, wait and see

Repeat chorus to chants of YGA from fellow fans

Ode to Tony Bedeau

You Tony Are Everything
(Words: King Crimson, Music: The Real Thing)

Oh, I would take the Balti out of the pie for you
Stop the crowd from booing if you asked me to
I'd do anything for you, your wish is my command
I would watch your every move from the Floors 2 Go Stand

Oh, You Tony are everything
The greatest player down the wing,
Oh Tony, Oh Tony
To you I guess we're just the crowd,
We'll pick you up each time your fouled
Oh Tony, Oh Tony

You give us just a taste of hope
To build our dreams upon
I know you've got it in those boots
To take us to League One

So, now your at the Bescot mate
It's time to score don't make us wait
Oh Tony.

'The Picken Song'

(Music: Roger Fluck Lyrics: King Crimson)

Its the time of year
Now pre-season’s in the air
When we see new players show some skill and show some flair
Make a signing or two
To make us great, great, great
For the season to start
I cannot wait, wait, wait
From the shores of Sydney
Right through to Walsall FC
Up and down the country
Defends for you and for me

A-llan Picken’s in the air
Watch his elbow break your nose
Buy a plaster cast
Get the bloodstains off your clothes
Stitch your arm back on
An orthodontist for your teeth
The strikers of League Two
Wish they played for Cowdenbeath

"Michael Dobson"

(Music: Stevie Wonder Lyrics: King Crimson)

You know it doesn’t make much sense
There ought to be a law against
Playing someone in defence
As good, as our new team captain
Cause we all know in our minds
A midfielder we have signed
And Michael you’re gonna find
It’s there we’ll show just how much we rate you
And I’m sure you would agree
He will fit in perfectly
Next to Deano and Ishy
Time to earn a point or three

Michael Dobson’s done you
Michael Dobson’s done you
Dobbo’s done you

I just never understood
How a player quite this good
Could be sent on loan, he should
Be given much better recognition
Because it should never be
Just cause Martin Allen can’t see
The potential that Money
Has signed, we know that it’s not an illusion
And we all know when he’s gone
In midfield the game was won
Time to pull your shinpads on
Thanks to you, Michael Dobson

Repeat chorus until public holiday declared for Michael Dobson.

(Music: Fat Larry's Band Lyrics: King Crimson)

Bossu, just one look and our goalkeeper new
suddenly, we're moving out League Two
Climbing high and we all know why

Bang, just one boot and the ball’s in the stand
Then a great save and all the saddlers sang
On the up, winning in the cup oh

Bossu, in goal home and away
I knew we all just came to watch you play and then
The Bescot shouted

Bossu, another clean sheet in the afternoon
No more memories of doom and gloom
looking down on Swindon Town oh

Repeat chorus whilst rollerblading around the Stadium Suite

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